Shape Monster

Meet Yobi, the polite little monster with a healthy appetite! Won't you help him reach his treats?

Shape Monster is a game which has been designed to keep children engaged in play so they can learn while having fun. With input from researchers, educators, parents, and kids, hundreds of hours have gone into its design and development.

Learning Screens


Knowledge through free-form exploration and repetition. The game’s Award Shelf is a doorway to free-form exploration. It’s here where your child can learn about the different shapes at their own speed. Each shape is programmed with a unique, engaging animation which is accessed with a simple tap. These learning screens are also shown during gameplay if an incorrect answer is chosen, thereby reinforcing learning through repetition. Your child will be remembering their shapes in no time!


Achievement Awards


Learning through achievement. Shape Monster incorporates several types of award mechanisms to keep your child interested and engaged so that they keep on playing. The most obvious one is the Achievement Awards which are given as your child increases proficiency in each shape. All of your child’s medals can be viewed on the Awards Screen – seeing them will give your child a sense of accomplishment and a desire to earn even more!


Custom Learning Engine

Path FinderScreenSnapz001

A friendly exterior outside powered by serious technology inside. Shape Monster incorporates a custom Learning Engine which is continually tracking your child’s progress. It uses its information to modify different aspects of gameplay to ensure that your child learns each shape equally well and that they are challenged, but never frustrated.


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